Learn Which Social Media Networks Work Best for Your Business

Learn Which Social Media Networks Work Best for Your Business

If you missed my previous post What Can Social Media Do For Your Small Business, I highly recommend you read it before you proceed any further.

It’s No Surprise

Facebook is the leading Social Media Network, or is it?

I think Facebook is more user-friendly and allows you to connect with friends and family. Networking with Businesses or like-minded people is also fairly easy. However, it’s no surprise to those of us who use Facebook Pages for our businesses that Facebook continues to make it harder for potential clients and friends to see our updates.Did you know some #SocialMedia platforms work better than others depending on your #business?Click To Tweet

Enter Facebook Groups

I’ve been asking the question “Are Facebook Groups better than Facebook Pages” and finally, my answers have been heard. This past month alone, I have seen numerous posts about using Facebook Groups for business. I have implemented a plan already to see if this holds true.


I’m still trying to find the best way to utilize LinkedIn. I think it’s easy to get lost on LinkedIn and become a superstar of sharing posts. How many people actually conversate with others?

It’s definitely a different clientele and not a place where you would vent your latest breakup or rant about your boss or a co-worker. It’s more of a professional site where business-minded people go to network.

Is it a surprise that the average time spent on LinkedIn is 17 minutes?

How do you use LinkedIn?

Twitter Tweetin’ Rocks

If you haven’t jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, you’re seriously missing out. Take it from my good friend, Lisa Sicard of Inspire to Thrive. Lisa spends a lot of time researching Twitter, blogging about it, and networking with others. I like to call Lisa the “Twitter Queen”.

Twitter is just an awesome resource for:

  • Microblogging
  • Current Events (News)
  • Networking with others
  • Finding a job
  • Finding answers
  • Politics
  • Chatting with friends

And so much more.

I’ll admit, Twitter can take a bit longer to get started on than Facebook but once you figure out what you’re doing and mingling with other Tweeps, you’ll love it!

Oh, don’t forget to check out the average time someone spends on Twitter!

You Can’t Talk Social Media without Google in the Mix

Enter Google Plus. It’s like a mix of Twitter and Facebook combined. You can follow along with your favorite businesses, trends, politics, or whatever else you’d like to know more about.

You can connect with friends and family, as long as they took the leap and created an account.

Like Facebook, there are Google Business Pages which are similar to Facebook Pages.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t spend a lot of my time there. I share blog posts and chat a bit, but the majority of my traffic comes from Facebook and Twitter. I like to put my focal point where I’m going to get the most of my time spent.

If you use Google Plus, what do you like about it and what do you find useful about putting effort there?

Other Networks

There are many other Social Media Networks where you could get lost, like Pinterest. Or you could have a mini or microblog on Tumblr. Let us not forget, Instagram for the photo enthusiast in you! But I’m going to save them for another post.

For now, I’d love to share this fabulous infographic I stumbled upon.