Is the Time Ever Right to Build Your Freelance Business

Is the Time Ever Right to Build Your Freelance Business

There is an increasing number of people who are joining the Work-at-Home force every day. The more that join, the more competitive it’s going to get. If you ever have contemplated building a business out of your home, like me, I suggest you start implementing a plan to make it happen.

“The timing isn’t right?”

I said this not too long ago.  Since then, I have done a complete re-evaluation of my career and finances. My timing is now!

I’ve implemented a plan and I’m moving forward. I decided that having a retirement pension is great however, not worth it if your health is deteriorating. My husband and I are planning on selling all our material assets, buying an RV (Recreational Vehicle) and traveling all over the United States. Yes, this is going to take money, however, if extra or more money can be made NOW, why not go for it?

I may be slow at figuring it out

But I did!

As most Freelancer’s and Independent Contractor’s know, it takes time to find and build your clientele. How does one do this?

  • Job boards (i.e., BloggerJobs, Contena, Outsource, and Flexjobs) just to name a few.
  • Facebook groups specific to Freelance work
  • Networking with other established  Freelancer’s
  • Notifying friends and family of your freelance intentions
  • Build your website

These are actions I’ve already started and I’m receiving some really great feedback.

Finding out what you want to do

If you’re lucky enough to start working on your home business while you still have full-time employment, you can take your time to figure out how you want to earn your living from home. I’ve been writing projects down and am trying to narrow it, or shouldn’t I? The more we can do, the better we can market ourselves, right? Or should we select maybe two (2) services and become and expert?

This I still have yet to figure out. However, I do know what I like to do so I can start building from there.

Virtual Assistance – I’ve been and Administrative Assistant field for over 28 years. I think I might have mastered a thing or two. For the record, I enjoy a lot about my current full-time job, however, I am just ready to kiss Corporate America and their politics good-bye. Offering Virtual Assistance is a great way to keep a steady income and continue to enjoy the job you love.

The realm of a VA can offer many things.

  • Maintaining calendars and Scheduling
  • Email Management
  • Creation of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.
  • Customer Service
  • Acting as a liaison between the client and customers
  • Website and Blog Management to include Content Writing, Web Design, and Site Maintenance
  • And so much more!

There you have it

Plan One has been set into motion. Isn’t it better to write everything out before you start planning?

I know a lot of you that read my blog are already successful entrepreneurs and work out of the comforts of your own home (or paradise, like Ryan and Kelli) so I want to hear from you.

When did you decide the timing was right? Did you have time to plan out your strategy or did you jump in feet first?