How To Create Your First WordPress Dot Com Blog

How To Create Your First WordPress Dot Com Blog

Let’s be honest, the world does not revolve around self-hosted websites.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of them out there but self-hosted is not for everyone. Here is one of a few Free options you can start with:

How To Create Your First WordPress Dot Com Blog

I’m not opposed to Free blogging platforms such as or Blogger, as these are the platforms that I started out on many years ago. The experience I got from using both is one I’ll never forget and I am happy that I did go that route.

However, as you know, many of the Pro Bloggers, including myself, love to push the idea of a self-hosted website. But not everyone wants to learn or be bothered by learning the innards and backend of their blog.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to be carefree and blog your heart out. To be honest, I recently created another hobby blog right on and I’m loving it! To not have to worry about the backend and maintenance is such a huge relief! However, one must remember that although these sites are Free, there are Guidelines we must abide by.

User Guidelines

If you are looking to blog and not Monetize your site, may be the site for you.

  • No Illegal Content or Conduct
  • No Pornography – Pornography is defined as explicit acts and/or visual depictions (1). Nudity is permitted only if the website is marked as Mature.
  • No Copyright Infringements – Content must be original and if not, source cited
  • No Linking allowed to any malicious malware, spam, or other sites (i.e, hotlinking)
  • Absolutely No Violence or Violent material
  • No Advertising of any kind unless using WordAds or a VIP/Enterprise Site – This means No affiliate links. No ad banners.

For more information regarding, please refer to the User Guidelines before you jump in and create that first blog.

You Decided You Can Deal with the Guidelines

So let’s get started! I’m actually excited that you decided to take the plunge as this will be added to the Blogging 101 Series! has an easy 5-Step Program to get you started. I recommend you start there.

Step 3 allows us to Find a Domain. This is where you get to Name your Blog and Create your Blog Url.

Let’s see if what I want is available?

Voila! I entered what I wanted to Name my Blog. Once I clicked the Search magnifying glass, it listed several options for me! Because I am only using this site for Blogging 101 purposes. I don’t need to pay for one, however, if you’d like to for your own, go right ahead. Remember, the fee is Annually.

Once you select your Domain name, whether Premium or Free, you’ll be prompted to select a Plan that is right for you.

Be sure to review these plans carefully, as you can see, they can be quite costly.

{{Let me insert this here, prior to Step 3, allows you to chose a Theme or a Template. However, I skipped it in order to proceed to building the site. You can always go back and change your theme as needed}}

And here we have it!

From This Point On

This is where we get to “play” a bit with our newly created blog BUT I’m going to make you wait until the next lesson. We’re going to enter the WordPress Dashboard, Choose a Theme, and start Customizing!

Now don’t worry! If you get lost and need help during the beginning stages, I’m here to help you! I don’t want you to get frustrated so please know you can Contact Me with any questions you have.

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