Why Are So Many People Working At Home?

Why Are So Many People Working At Home?

It appears there is an ever growing number of people working-at-home these days.

But why is that?

I did a bit of researching and found several reasons why one would want to work-at-home.

  • They were laid off or fired from their Corporate America job and need income.
  • Lack of good paying jobs in the Corporate America field.
  • To be able to stay home with their children and save money versus paying for child care.
  • To become their own boss.
  • To have the Freedom to choose their own work schedule (hours/days.)
  • The ability to choose a field in which they are more passionate about (blogging, social media, freelance writing).
  • For mental health reasons including too much stress or drama in Corporate America.

There are so many more reasons that I could not possibly list them all but whatever the reason(s), I’m sure it’s viable to the one working-at-home.

I have many friends that work-at-home and really enjoy it. I thought I would ask a few of them Why do people want to work-at-home? Here are the results:

For those that work jobs. I think the drive to work-from-home comes in when you get tired of the commute, tired of going into a job that you can do from home. So many accidents and traffic could be minimized if bosses would allow people to work from the comfort of their home. I think the morale would be up, and people won’t have to take so much leave time. Your work gets out, and employees are happy. 

Working from home allows you freedom. You can cut out a lot of stress by being able to eat healthier meals, be available for your kids if you have any, and it helps the sex life because you aren’t rushing into a job anymore you can be at peace. 

On the flip-side, working-from-home can make one lazy and fat as in the case of me lol. Working from home isn’t for everyone though you have to be a person who knows your boundaries and able to follow a schedule.

Working-from-home gives you a sense of ownership, feeling of freedom, chance to prosper, and get rid of money and time wasters like commutation. Work-from-home jobs give you plenty of opportunities to use your hard work and extra working hours in favor of yourself. You can take out time and care for your family, work at your pace, and start your own business. Working-from-home has its cons too but if you are disciplined and determined, it can prove beneficial.

The majority of the people I’ve spoken with about working from home say they want to spend more time with their family and work their own hours.

As you can see, the individual reasons for wanting to work-at-home vary from person to person.

Why I want to work-at-home

I have been in Corporate America too long. The ever growing demands from my employer are damaging to my health. The mental strain that is caused by daily stress and drama does not seem to be worth it anymore. Employers, including mine, aren’t giving performance evaluations enabling an individual to receive a merit raise. Most of us are lucky if we get a cost of living increase.

If you take into account the mental strain, the time and money in transportation and gas to get to work, and the benefits, one may be better off becoming a Freelancer or Virtual Assistant.

I am striving to make this happen for myself. I am offering Services that range from writing blog content, providing social media assistance, simple web design, and virtual assistance.

I am building my portfolio as well as networking more with the right people who I know can help me find my way.

With time, determination, and a lot of patience, I know I will join the millions of others who are enjoying a career from their own home office.

I hope I will be able to share my story with you in the near future.

Over to you

What possessed you to pursue a career at home? How long did it take you? Are you happy?

I’d love to hear your stories.